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Noel Ify Alumona is a Nigerian young leader who is very passionate about sustainable development, especially Access to Quality and Inclusive Education. Noel studied at the Pontifical Urban University. Noel is a Global Citizen, a humanitarian, a social-worker, a writer and has led a good number of groups and social impact organizations. 

Noel Ify Alumona is the REGIONAL HEAD for Africa for the Opportunity Knock Your Door (an international youth-led Organization that focuses on the promotion of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals). He is a Volunteer with Amnesty International, and AidSchool Nigeria etc.

He is also visioning to create a wide network of youth activists across Nigeria, with an idea to bring Nigerian Youths under one umbrella through social activism, volunteerism, social media and citizen journalism.

He has been recognized and nominated fornational and international awards with these ones as the most recent:

   Nominated for the SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD for the 2016 African Youth Award: http://thenewsnigeria.com.ng/2016/12/nominees-announced-for-2016-africa-youth-awards/

2.  Received the Award of Excellence on Quality Education as an Agent for Positive Change in Nigeria by 2017 Civil Society and UNITED NATIONS for PEACE Awards on June 29th, 2017, held at Nigeria Institute for International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos.

2. Received Volunteer of the Year 2017 Award for the Pride of Africa/Asia Awards held in Beijing, China on June 24th, 2017: http://awards.appreciateafricanetwork.org/meet-noel-ify-alumona-nigeria/ OR http://awards.appreciateafricanetwork.org/    

Received the Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Awards for the Humanitarian and Caregiver Provider of the year 2017 held at SHEHU MUSA YAR’ADUA CENTER, ABUJA on July 6th, 2017.

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