Every Child is a Star

Every child is a start that shines brightly when given the right learning opportunities. Every child is a bundle of potentials, gifts and ingenuity....they just need the right opportunities to harness such gifts and excel... 

When Thomas Edison was a child, his teachers decided his future. They threw him out of school with a tag on him, "This child has a wandered spirit". Thomas was labelled a hopeless child but the mother had to undo what they made. She taught him at home. When Thomas was grown, he looked at the decision his teachers made over him years back and tore it like a bounced check.

On the world's bill board, Thomas Edison left a message. The message was that he left this planet with 1095 US patent. At one time, ten thousand times, Thomas was treated by failure but being deep into the conviction that he was unbeatable, he turned the tide.

Kentucky fried chicken was never born on the celebrity street. Colonel sanders turned his car into his accommodation and had 107 doors rejected his knocks and yet, persistence was his obsessed insanity, and he won the fight.

It was from a one room cabin farm house that great Abraham Lincoln was born. He was never born at Queen Elizabeth's special hospital. Elvis Presley was once consoled and advised to go back to truck driving as he was tagged at an audition, 'failure'.

Dear, the door that leads to our future doesn't understand excuses. Persistence makes any dummy a champion. Your choice today can knock down any resistance. It's up to you.