We provide books and educational resources to children in rural community schools and IDP camps. This helps them discover the joy of reading and cultivate a good reading culture.


We provide tutoring and literacy support to learning disadvantaged children with our teams of highly experienced Intervention specialists. We focus more especially on those with learning and reading disabilities in English and Mathematics.


We provide an avenue for collaboration amongst Literacy and education leaders across the continent. Through our several Volunteers Development programs, we create a way for people to meet, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.


We create e-books and other digital literacy tools using innovative technology software. We make these resources available for remote classrooms in rural communities to improve their standard of education.


Through our Hope Scholarship program, we reach out to remote classrooms by providing low-cost solar panel tablets. These tablets are pre-loaded with a digital library for young learners available both in the English language and their local languages.


We promote the importance of literacy through advocacy. We are a global voice advocating for this cause. We empower young leaders to do the same in their local communities through training both online and offline.



Our project, BooksNotGuns, is important because it is an initiative which promotes peace through educational interventions. When we take these vulnerable children off the streets, we give them educational support to enable them secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families and community at large. By giving them this educational support, we are making change happen for them. Coming from a region that has been greatly affected by conflicts, terrorist attacks and insurgency, this project aims to bring back hope and rekindle dreams.

We all at HOPE envision a future where the Project totally annihilates young people’s participation in violence. With education, we are giving them healing and restoring their hope, while assuring them that their dreams matter too despite what they’ve been through. BooksNotGuns is a movement creating a culture of peacefulness, which is being adapted and consciously put into practice. The Project brings about peace and harmony and enables a better and more sustainable community free from conflicts, hatred and incidences of war which would in turn foster the socio-economic growth and development of the communities where we work. These communities are being rebuilt so that many can live without fear or anxiety.

BooksNotGuns redefines and improves the lives of these children and their families, such that they will no longer be at-risk, vulnerable tools or recruited as child-soldiers because they’re out-of-school. It obliterates killings, abduction and kidnaps, while increasing development, collaborations and partnerships to forge ahead.

Through BooksNotGuns, we’re implementing designs that enable us to prepare and leave a better and more peaceful society for future generations who will in turn, teach their descendants the culture and importance of peace.


“One Child, one teacher, one book and one pen change the world.” – Malala.
We believe in this strongly at HOPE, and we regularly contribute to this cause by distributing school materials. We make available school materials (uniforms, shoes, bags, books, pens, etc.) to children that cannot afford them.


There is a sort of helplessness that a child feels when he/she struggles to read, especially if everybody around him is doing it. In most cases, the child develops low self-esteem coupled with other emotions such as shame, fear, and powerlessness. The child might eventually grow into an insecure adult with low self-esteem. This is why our volunteers focus more on the children’s needs and helping them to read.

HOPE Scholars

We also provide scholarships for children whose parents are poor and unable to pay their children’s tuition, buy books for them cater for their educational needs. We provide Solar panel tablets pre-loaded with a digital library for promising young learners.


This is an awareness campaign in the form of street Match/Bicycle races to increase awareness about our projects and raise funds. Our volunteers turn up for this advocacy program.

Medical Outreach

Health is wealth, the adage says. Most of our beneficiaries stay in poor living conditions and most of them cannot afford standard health care. It becomes a necessity for us to take care of their health as only a healthy child can go to school. From time to time, we organize health projects, seminars and events in the rural communities for check-up and treatment. This serves as a way of detecting and treating health problems among these children.


Adopt a School

Corporate and individual sponsorships are at the core of achieving our goals to develop remote communities and break the cycle of poverty. Through our Adopt a School program, you can become a partner for the progress of the African rural community school children by committing to fund programs for a particular school in a very rural community, giving your hand to build holistic, sustainable and collaborative projects together with community school and leaders.


Research has it that 500 Million primary school aged children in Africa; 40% of the world’s stunted children live in Africa. These hungry children cannot read, learn or grow. Through our Food4School, we provide subsidized nutritious lunch-meals to primary school children to improve nutrition, thereby improving education outcomes.


Our Health4School program addresses the basic health needs of children living in vulnerable situations and hard-to-reach communities.
Through our Medical Outreach Program, we operate workshops that provide opportunities for free medical care, check-ups and treatments for school children and rural communities. Our Team of Professional Volunteers dispense free medications appropriately– a lifeline for those who would otherwise be unable to afford them.